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24th January 2019 

What happens at a Reflexology Treatment?

  • Firstly a confidential medical history is taken along with questions about your general sense of well-being and what you are looking for from the treatment.

  • I shall then create a personal treatment plan for you which I will explain

  • You will be asked to sign the treatment form to indicate your agreement to having the treatment

  • Only shoes and socks need be removed before you settle onto the couch

  • Before I start the treatment I shall firstly clean then examine your feet before beginning with some gentle relaxation

  • The treatment continues with massaging the reflexes of your feet which cover all organs and systems of your body. This will be in line with your treatment plan

  • After both feet have been treated I shall end with some more relaxation techniques

  • You will then rest for a few minutes with a drink of water

  • I shall give you some After-Care Advice and we can discuss the treatment if you wish

  • Your first appointment will be I hour in length, as the medical history is taken, and 50 minutes for following appointments.